Cantine Campagnola

110 YEARS: generations, land and wine

A family that has been working together for five generations and that cultivates a passion for wine in a harmony that emerges in the notes of its wines. Generations that over time have passed on love and passion for the land to their children. The strength of the Campagnola family is held in its wines that tell its identity and history.


The production estates of the Campagnola family belong to vocated and historical terroirs, where the generosity of the land is combined with the passion and skills of man. Five distinct identities that contain the essence of aromas, scents and colors expressed in each blend.


This passion for the art of wine-making goes back to Carlo Campagnola, who was involved at an early age in the wine trade, followed by his wife Caterina Zardini who, after the untimely death of her husband, courageously continued the business and in 1907 won the medal for the best “Vino Recciotto” at the Wine Exhibition in Verona.


Discover our wines and enter the Campagnola world. Unique and precious wines like the territory from which they are born.


Campagnola is a family and a company as well as a welcoming home for all those who come here to hear the narratives of hands that work and of faces with stories to tell.