One of the most awaited moments of the year has arrived, the grape harvest in Valpolicella has begun! The Campagnola team is finally getting ready to pick the fruits of their hard work throughout the year.

According to O.I.V. (International Organization of Vine and Wine) estimates, the 2022 vintage promises to be generally satisfactory in quantity and good in quality. Despite the high temperatures experienced in the previous months, the August rains have arrived, allowing the grapes to reach optimal levels of ripeness.

We can then proceed to the first stage of the harvest, the most important one, with the careful manual selection of the best bunches of Corvina, Corvinone and Rondinalla, which will be placed in special plastic boxes and will then be set aside in our modern ‘fruttai’. These are the grapes that, once the drying process is complete, will be destined for the production of two of the principle wines of Valpolicella and the Campagnola winery: the Amarone della Valpolicella Classico Giuseppe Campagnola and the Recioto Classico della Valpolicella ‘Casotto del Merlo’. This is followed by the harvesting of the remaining grapes, which will be immediately pressed and will be used for the production of the youngest and freshest wines, such as our Valpolicella Classico Campagnola.

This is definitely one of the most intense and busy periods for our team, but we are looking forward to tasting the fruits of the new harvest, which we are sure will bring great satisfaction. And what better opportunity to come and visit the winery and discover all the secrets of the production and aging of the best red wines of Valpolicella? Write to us for all the information about tours and tastings.